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About For Her Myanmar Club

For Her Myanmar Club is composed of members of the given list of members of the members of the Club .... I will be able to read articles written exclusively in a strength of mind-breed members to attend the next event to be ... Gifts sent home next month to receive a gift ....

Create articles for small business ... give strength of mind-breed was founded, realistic visualization For Her Myanmar .... To improve their lifestyle, and the surrounding community and the good of the country For Her Myanmar to help to contribute to the perception ....


Member benefits will be available, For Her Myanmar Club members from the following exciting interesting programs available in participating.

Her Box

Her Box

In each box you will receive 5+ producuts ranging from makeup, cosmetics, DIY Kits, accessories, perfume and vouchers and much more! Be ready to receive your box at the end of every month!

Her Content

Her Content

Connect to your personal account to access and read exclusive content tailored to your profile needs..

Her Event

Her Event

You will be invited to join our private event to meet, engage, share and network with other women. Discuss various topics on business, health, online media, music, arts, travel and much more!

Sign Up

Sign Up

Signup for 1 or 3 months to join << For Her Myanmar Club>> and get your login and password to connect on Her Content.

Pricing Plans

In order to become a member of For Her Myanmar requires Member profile and membership fees. As a member of the benefits available and affordable prices as follows Meta.

9,900 Ks /one month

One Month Plan

  • * 1 gift box delivered every month ( Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw and more towns are coming )

  • * 5+ products, sample & gift

  • * Cash pickup

  • * 3000 Ks only for Delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have been able to ask the questions and answers below. If you want to find out more information on the bottom of this page may be asked to click "Contact Us".

Follow the link and sign-up here : Her Club Sign Up Choose between 1 month and 3 months subscription, enter your personal information and you will see a confirmation message. Within a week, we will send you - physically - a delivery guy to pick-up the cash and give you your password and login for « Her Secret Content

Motivation, Education, Information, connecting with other Myanmar ladies from all walks of life, entertaining events and exclusive articles, and of course special gifts every month – in a box sent to you. Ultimately you get far far more than the cost of each month subscription because we have sponsors who believe in developing and supporting the women of Myanmar to become all they can become.

1 month – 9.900 ks plus delivery fees for gift box

3 month – 29.900 ks free gift delivery each month

Follow Her Club Log in and enter your Login and Password and you will access to "Her Secret Content"

We choose within a range of Lifestyle products : accessories, DIY kit, Make up, beauty products, decorations and so much more... All of them have been tested by our team and validated. From one box to another, we vary content so it’s always a surprise. If you have any suggestion regarding the products you would like to find, please send us an email here : herclub@forhermyanmar.com

You will find exclusive inspirational and motivational articles, videos, interviews. We wanted to provide our club members new experiences through inspiring content, and in-depth articles regarding daily life.

We will organize a big event (we want to keep the surprise for now about the theme), every three months. Also, we intend to organize regular Pop-up Events, hosted in different places for a smaller audience and where we would invite talkers, organize make-up classes, DIY contest...and so much more ( feel free to suggest what you would like to attend and we will look at organizing it )

Invitations to exclusive content will be posted on "Her secret Content" platform, and will also be notified to you directly through electronic mail in the first instance ( ie. Email, viber, etc.)

Gift Boxes are delivered to any given location you have identified to us. This is only restricted by city, ie Gift Boxes are only delivered to a location within the main areas of Yangon , Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw.

Right now cash payment to us, via a pick up or you dropping it off, is only option. But electronic payment options and more local drop off points will be available soon. Within the week after you subscribe online, a delivery person will come to pick-up the cash. A few weeks later, you will receive your first box.

Your box will be sent last week of each month. If you subscribe during the last week of a month, you will only receive the following months Gift Box.

Yangon, Mandalay, NPT are the cities delivered right now.

The delivery person will call you to fix the date & time of delivery.

Call this number +95 9424409727 or send an email to herclub@forhermyanmar.com You can also contact us through messenger on our For Her Myanmar page : facebook.com/forhermyanmar

Nothing if you pay three months at a time, 3000 ks flat fee for 1 month subscriptions.

Follow Her Club Log in enter your Login and Password and you will access to "Her Secret Content"